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New billet crankshaft

If you ask us to produce a new crankshaft, we start from a full steel bar, mill away the excess steel to obtain your crankshaft. 
Crankshafts made like this, are called billet crankshafts.

Tractorpulling, oldtimers, drag racing, race cars, prototypes... we've got it covered!

How to start: 

  • Copy an already existing crankshaft (with or without adjustments)

  • Start from a drawing you deliver us

  • No crankshaft? No drawing? No problem! 

  • We can measure the engine block and go from there.


Selection of steel: 

Depending on the purpose of the crankshaft, we can offer several steel possibilities


  • 34CrNiMo6 

  • English steel :  EN40B – 722M24

  • GKH

The process of manufacturing the crankshaft:

  • Milling

  • Heat treatment

  • Grinding

  • Nitriding

  • Balancing


Possible adjustments:

  • Change the stroke of the crankshaft

  • Modernisation of the rear seal on the flywheel side

  • Adjustment bolt pattern on the flywheel

  • Conrods: adjusting an asymmetrical concept towards a symmetrical concept

  • Adjustment of bearing sizes

  • Adjustment of radius

New Billet Crankshaft

CNC machine

With our brand new HAAS VF-7/50 CNC machine, we are more than ready to produce your crankshaft!

We can create crankshafts up to ±1,5 meters long.

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