We execute works on the bottom-end of the engine block. This is also known as the revolving assembly which includes the block, pistons and rings, crankshaft and conrods. 
We don’t dismantle the engine block. Please make sure to take out the pistons, conrods and crankshaft before delivering it to us.



An engine block is drilled whenever it no longer meets the prescribed factory sizes. Depending on the damage and / or available pistons and rings, the cylinders are drilled per 0,25 mm (min. 0,25 – max. 1,5mm depending on the engine type). 
In the case of English / American cars, these intervals are 0,010” (min. 0,010” – max. 0,060” depending of the engine type). 
By then placing oversized pistons, the engine block can be continued to use.

In case the cylinder head bolts are too close to the cylinders (due to deformation), we drill the engine block with a cover plate.



Depending on the damage and / or available pistons, there is a possibility to choose for sleeving the engine block. With this process we place sleeves into the engine block, in which pistons on standard size can be placed. 



Honing the cylinders of an engine block is a type of grinding process to precisely follow the prescribed sizes, and is done with our vertical honing machine.
This process is done after drilling the engine block.

In line drilling


If necessary, we can line drill the engine block.



The deck of the engine block can be skimmed.

This is often done when there’s not enough compression, or too much oil consumption.

New parts


Thanks to our many years of experience, we can rely on trustworthy suppliers for engine parts. 
We can provide you new parts, such as conrods, bearing sets, pistons + rings, cylinder liners (sleeves),..
Please inform us on as much engine info as possible: engine code, serial number, construction year, cylinder bore, cylinder capacity, horsepower. This all helps us to find the correct parts.